Trustee Ministry



The Trustee Ministry

Israel Baptist Church Trustees are responsible for the administration and execution of temporal affairs of the church. Duties also include opening and closing of the church.  Meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month.



Dorothy McKelvin, Chairperson

Adrienne Sheffield, Vice Chairperson                                                              

Beryl Johnson, Secretary                                                            

Debbie Powell, Administration

Geri Feaster-Bethea, Liaison, IMI

Dr. Karen Wentz, Administration


Building & Beautification                                                           Security

Lorenzo Fitzgerald, Sr.                                                                  Simuel Hill

Lorenzo Fitzgerald, Jr., Chaplain                                                     Harold Jones

Harold Jones                                                                                Edward Marche

Simuel Hill                                                                                   Lorenzo Fitzgerald, Jr.

Edward Marche